Modern Minimalist House Preferred Small L Shaped Kitchen

small l shaped kitchen

House is not always the preferred choice for them as in this modern era apartments are getting more accustomed with the young adult’s way of living. To some people, what’s inside is more important than choosing whether they’re going to live in a house or an apartment. Let us move to the topic of modern minimalist house. Minimalist house tend to have a small space for every room, and it usually have the small l shaped kitchen than the u shaped kitchen.


Having a small l shaped kitchen doesn’t mean that the house would look cramped and uncomfortable. After all, kitchen is the most visited room in one’s house as one would come to cook their breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Some kitchen would also include the bar-like table and stall to maximize their limited space. As what the name suggested, the l shaped kitchen would only occupy half of the square space in your kitchen. The basic for the l shaped kitchen is to have the counters, the sink (or you could install the dishwasher), the stoves, and the fridge.


The cabinets are not compulsory, but it would be better for you to have it. If you have already had a u shaped kitchen and wanting to remodel your kitchen to make it smaller but still look elegant and comfortable, small l shaped kitchen is one of the idea you could consider. The most important thing you have to remember in this small kitchen is you shouldn’t have a kitchen island. It would make the space cramped and look smaller. Another thing you should consider is to cut what is unnecessary in your l shaped kitchen to make it look tidier.


Choose the bright color for your kitchen such as white, mint green or orange to make it look stand out and fresh. How about paint it with some brave color like bright red? Is it bad? Will it make my new small kitchen look out of shape? Nope. Red would make it look classy and brave, and if it matches to the other rooms in your house, then go for it. Just make sure that you should balance the color of your kitchen and the other rooms to make it look perfect!

13 Beautiful Sunroom Design Ideas

Grand piano in sunroom

Sunroom Design Ideas, sun room usually built at the side of the house and was very useful when spring has come. Sunroom’s Ideas to admire and enjoy in the around surroundings and scenery are very beautiful, where sheltered from the rain, wind and more weather conditions. This space has a large window in order to see the view and of natural light, so the room full of sunshine and warmth.

1. The wood in the ceiling gives the feel be warmer in the sunroom

1 artistic sunroom design with white windows and wood ceiling above rustic wooden bench

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There are many type of sunroom interior design. sunroom can be made from many different materials. for example, you can use the brick material to choose a sunroom design rustic and plans. You can build out of wood to make it feel warm and cozy, or if you want to emphasize on a view, you can build it from the glass. The roof can also be made of glass so that your application can admire the sky and enjoy the weather.

2. Use Curtains for The Windows, If the Sun Being too Hot.

beautiful sunroom design ideas pictures

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3. You can also use a sunroom as a second dining room


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4. Use skylights for extra exposure and beautifully light

beautiful skylight sunroom design ideas

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5. Light and bright curtains also complement the beauty of the sunroom

Sectional Living Room with sunroom

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6. Decorate this space with plants and flowers for a more natural look

Remarkable Sun Room Desaign Ideas Inspiration with Blue Sofa near Red Flower under Big Hanging Lamp close Cute Skylight plus Fresh Indoor Plant

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7. Replace the sunroom into entertainment and relaxation area

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8. Place the table facing the window to get more value from the panoramic views

White Sunroom design ideas

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9. Use Comfortable Furniture and Pleasant Texture

sofa sunroom design ideas

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10. You could also have a desk or work space in the sunroom

Sunroom as office space

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11. The colors are bright and cheerful, chime well with a room filled with light

furnitures interior style vintage sunroom interior with urban stripes chairs

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Sunroom usually equipped with comfortable chairs, lounge chairs and sofas. It is a space where you can entertain guests or just relax with the family. To emphasize the brightness of the room, you can paint the walls. Skylight also common in the sunroom. And also if you want to make a stronger connection with the outdoors, you can add plants and flowers.

12. Rocking chair are definitely nice addition to a sunroom

Chairs with sunroom design ideas

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13. Sunroom design which we love

Sunroom Pictures And Ideas

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As quoted by the harmony, artificial lighting is not very important in this room because you are more used during daylight and natural light plays an important role in the decoration. The windows are large and let plenty of light enter.